Haas VF2SS CNC Vertical Machining Center Weld-Kraft Staff Welding

Weld Kraft is AWS D17.1 and ISO 9001:2015 certified

We can work with you beginning in the early stages of product design, so your products are as easy and cost-effective to produce as possible. Our employees are experienced with many different processes and machines, and will be able guide you to the best options.

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified, so you can trust our methods, and our work.

Skills and Technologies

  • Specialize in Aluminum Processes
  • CAD Systems (Solidworks)
  • CAM Systems (SurfCam and Radan)
  • New Product Development Support
  • Cost Reduction Analysis – Evaluate Designs for Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Process Improvement




Weld Kraft has a broad range of fabrication capabilities. We have waterjet technology for cutting the most intricate designs with great accuracy, as well as cutters, presses, rollers, shears, and saws.

We can produce individual pieces, or produce and assemble components into finished products.

    • Flow Mach 3 4020b Waterjet
    • Motorum 2044T 28 Station CNC Turret Punch
    • Haas VF-0E CNC Vertical Machining Center
    • Haas VF3SS CNC Vertical Machining Center
    • Haas VF2SS CNC Vertical Machining Center
    • Accurshear 10’ Shear
    • Accurpress 7606 CNC Press Brake – 6’ 60 Ton
    • Accurpress 717512 CNC Press Brake – 12’ 175 Ton
    • Boschert LB12 – Hydraulic Power Shear
    • Super Brown 350 – Cold Saw
    • Marvel Series 8 Mark I Saw
    • Lagun Manual Mill
    • Nardini Lathe
    • Americor – Power Roller – 5’ x 14Ga Capacity
    • Americor – Power Roller – 5’ x 3/16 Capacity
    • Pexto Bead Rolling Machine
    • Haeger 824WT Hardware Press
    • Hannifin Punch Press


Weld Kraft offers TIG, MIG and spot welding services.

    • Miller Dynasty 350 T.I.G. Welders
    • Miller Wire Feed Millermatic 350P
    • Aluminum Spot Welder – 75 KVA
    • Spot Welder – 20 KVA


Weld Kraft offers vibratory de-burring and surface finishing, as well as stroke sanding of large work pieces, such as tabletops and doors. We also offer sandblasting.

    • Almco Vibratory Tumbler
    • Burr King Tumbler
    • Model 2011-211 8’ Stroke Sander
    • Empire Sand Blast Cabinet
    • Clemco Zero BNP Blast Cabinet